Production Chemicals

Production Chemicals

Berryman Chemical Inc can offer a chemical solution to all types of problems and challenges ( that has got a chemical solution) faced by the oil companies for maximizing production, processing and transporting/movement of oil with the maximum return on investment.

As every oil field is different , the problems are also different . In order to solve those problems we often offer tailor made formulations to our client and end user to give them the maximum benefits of our technologies at an optimum cost.

We offer value added service for each chemical program to ensure maximum output of our technologies for our customer.

In other words, our specially formulated production chemicals and value added services help the oil companies to overcome the different challenges to ensure sustained and efficient recovery.

Corrosion Inhibitors

We have a wide range of corrosion inhibitors formulated to reduce the effect of corrosive gases such as H2S and CO2 present in production fluids. These are designed for use in all  the areas  of the oil and gas production process. The major application areas include corrosion control in down hole tubing, production facilities and oil and gas transportation pipelines.

Pour Point Depressor (PPD)

The high pour point of some of the crude oils causes serious challenges for the operators to transport the oil in the production as well as the transportation line. Our PPD products can reduce the Pour Point to meet the specs and also helps in overall efficiency of the crude oil pumping and transportation under all conditions. Looking into the specific requirements of the operator with respect to different operating parameters we often offer tailor made specially formulated products which meet their requirements under severe conditions.

Asphaltene Inhibitors

We have specially formulated products which reduces deposition of Asphaltene that causes flow retardation if not controlled properly. In some of the formulations we include a component which can disperse the already formed asphaltene deposits.

Viscosity Reducers

We have products that effectively improve the viscosity that if not controlled properly may affect the flow of crude oil.

Paraffin Control Chemicals

Our products in this range can reduce deposition of paraffins/wax  thereby improving the flow rate and ease of pumping of the crude oil.

The package sometimes also include products that can inhibit wax and asphaltene deposit formation in the oil and gas production tubing and pipelines .These packages give an overall improvement in the situation where different problems due to presence of wax and asphaltenes may crop up resulting in a retarded flow of oil .


Our specially formulated Demulsifiers quickly and efficiently separates crude and water from the produced fluids in the most cost effective way.  Demulsifiers also assist in the clarification of produced water by reducing the residual oil in water and keeping it under acceptable levels and specifications.

H2S Scavengers

We are one of the leading suppliers of H2S scavenger in the world. Our H2S scavenger products effectively remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from process systems to ensure personnel safety, equipments protection from corrosion and also meet the specifications of crude oil in the market.

Wax Dispersants

Wax Dispersants act to keep the wax nuclei from agglomerating. We have special type of wax dispersants which minimizes the tendency of the wax to adhere.


We have specially formulated antifoams which help in the separation of gas from oil and water. Our antifoam chemicals can  control and prevent the formation of foams within processing  plants and reduce the probability  liquid carryover with the gas to a great extent.