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Who We Are

Berryman Chemical Inc. (BCI) was established in 1979 with a single-minded philosophy of meeting customer requirements with the most competitive products. To help anticipate and manage market developments, BCI applies a disciplined, strategic, logistics and inventory based management approach. BCI works hard to understand its customers’ business needs and has the flexibility to respond to them in changing markets. This requires a combination of shared values and goals, which in turn, allows all stakeholders to prosper together in a global economy. BCI manufactures and supplies a wide range of Industrial and Specialty Chemicals to a diverse customer base which includes the following: Refineries, Distribution, Automotive, Oilfield, Agriculture, Construction, Personal Care, Pharmaceuticals, Water Treatment, Plastics, Polymers and many more.

Berryman Chemical Inc.

  • Leading supplier of products related to ethylene and polyethyleneglycols, propylene and propylene glycols, surfactants, styrene, aminesand solvents
  •  One of the top Triazine and H2S Scavenger producer in North America
  •  Manufacturer of all types of refinery process chemicals and additives for finished products
  •  Manufacturer of all types of Oil field chemicals
  •  Manufacturer of all types of water treatment chemicals required across the industries
  •  Provide Liquid Chemical Blending, Chemical Reaction, Storage and Packaging capabilities
  •  Serves several key regional markets: Secure bulk supply in Texas, California, Illinois, Georgia, and Eastern and Western Canada
  •  Possesses sizeable In-House Rail Car Fleet
  •  Products received and delivered in Trucks, Rail Cars, Barges and Vessels
  •  Global sourcing through our large terminal storage positions
  •  Knowledgeable and responsive sales staff, keeping your company up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry
  •  Commitment to quality products and services


Robert (Bob) Berryman earned his B.A. in Economics from Lake Forest College in 1963. Starting as Barge Inspector at Signal Oil & Chemical Co. in Chicago, Bob was promoted as District Sales Manager in Cleveland, Ohio after only one year on the JOB . By sheer hard work and sales optimism, Bob turned the district, which previously had the worst sales performance, into atop sales performer within a year.

Robert (Bob) Berryman

Founder - President of Berryman Chemical Inc

Born in Baton Rouge Louisiana, David Smith grew up in Marshall Texas, graduated from Marshall High and earned a BS in Marketing from Louisiana Tech University.

David K. Smith

Managing Director

After graduating with Masters in Petroleum Engineering from Colorado School of Mines, Atul started his professional career with Oil and Gas Technology major Schlumberger in 2002. He worked in Brazil and Scotland for a little over three and a half years as an Application Engineer in the Oil and Gas Production domain.

Atul N. Rathod

Director - Berryman Chemical