About Us

Who We Are

Berryman Chemical Inc. (BCI) was established in 1979 with a single-minded philosophy of meeting customer requirements with the most competitive products. To help anticipate and manage market developments, BCI applies a disciplined, strategic, logistics and inventory based management approach. BCI works hard to understand its customers’ business needs and has the flexibility to respond to them in changing markets. This requires a combination of shared values and goals, which in turn, allows all stakeholders to prosper together in a global economy. BCI manufactures and supplies a wide range of Industrial and Specialty Chemicals to a diverse customer base which includes the following: Refineries, Distribution, Automotive, Oilfield, Agriculture, Construction, Personal Care, Pharmaceuticals, Water Treatment, Plastics, Polymers and many more.

Berryman Chemical Inc.

  • Leading supplier of products related to ethylene and polyethyleneglycols, propylene and propylene glycols, surfactants, styrene, aminesand solvents
  •  One of the top Triazine and H2S Scavenger producer in North America
  •  Manufacturer of all types of refinery process chemicals and additives for finished products
  •  Manufacturer of all types of Oil field chemicals
  •  Manufacturer of all types of water treatment chemicals required across the industries
  •  Provide Liquid Chemical Blending, Chemical Reaction, Storage and Packaging capabilities
  •  Serves several key regional markets: Secure bulk supply in Texas, California, Illinois, Georgia, and Eastern and Western Canada
  •  Possesses sizeable In-House Rail Car Fleet
  •  Products received and delivered in Trucks, Rail Cars, Barges and Vessels
  •  Global sourcing through our large terminal storage positions
  •  Knowledgeable and responsive sales staff, keeping your company up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry
  •  Commitment to quality products and services