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Berryman Chemical Inc manufacture and supply a wide range of Industrial and Specialty Chemicals for

Oil Fields, Refineries , Petrochemicals and all Water related Industries.

Fuel Lubricity improver
Fuel lubricity Improver

Our lubricity improver products improve lubricity for the low sulfur fuel stocks( like diesel blends and naptha) that have poor lubricity.

Fuel Oil pour point depressant
Fuel Oil Pour Point Depressant

We make pour point depressant chemicals that help the refiners to upgrade heaver fuel components and improve the fuel margins.

Water Injection Chemicals

We have RO chemicals like  Pre treatment, scale inhibitors, cleaners, biocides etc that help in increase of the efficiencies and maintenance of the RO plants..

Product Pipeline Corrosion inhibitor
Product Pipeline Corrosion inhibitor

Our product pipeline corrosion inhibitors can give adequate corrosion protections to the internals of the pipeline of  refinery products there by increasing the run length of the pipeline as well as  protecting the products from contaminations.

Production Chemicals

Our specially formulated production chemicals and value added services help the oil companies to overcome the different challenges to ensure sustained and efficient recovery.

Hydrotesting Chemicals

We have specially formulated hydrotesting  chemicals like Scale inhibitors , corrosion control etc in our product lines that will help the users to efficiently test the pipelines and equipments before taking into operations..

H2S Scavenger Chemical

We are one of the leading suppliers of H2S scavenger in the world.

Tank Cleaning Chemicals

Our hydrocarbon recovery and crude tank cleaning chemicals help refiner

Crude Oil Demulsifier Chemicals

With the changing economy and increase in demand for petroleum products


We are one of the top Triazine and H2S Scavenger producers in North America and manufacture all types of

refinery process & oil field chemicals, additives, water treatment chemicals…


Berryman Chemical Inc offers a wide range of ‘Injection Water Chemicals’ and ‘Production Chemicals’ for the efficient operations of the Oil Fields and also for other applications like ETP units, EOR, Pipeline cleaning etc. The specialty chemicals are well known in the industry for assisting the oil companies in improving their unit Run Length, Production,


Our in-depth knowledge, expertise in understanding the process condition of the clients plant and process helps us to serve our customer better by assessing the scope of improvement of the process and by recommending the right solution all times and ensuring proper and efficient service to ensure the client get the maximum