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Triazine Hydrogen Sulfide Scavengers

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Berryman Chemical Inc has one of the largest Triazine production capacities in the industry and can provide the highest quality products available. Berryman can handle your supply needs from production or terminal to the well and provide any level of logistic support required in between.


As every field is different, the problems are also different. In order to solve those problems, we offer tailor made formulations to our clients  to give them the maximum benefits of our technologies at an optimum cost.


Berryman Chemical provides custom manufacturing of proprietary products for specific applications.


Berryman Chemical has the most extensive network of terminals strategically located in every major energy production area to serve you. Logistics abilities include marine, truck, rail and packaging.



MEA and MMA Triazine Manufacture


Berryman Chemical produces 62% and 80% MEA Triazine and all derivative formulas for scavenging.  Our H2S scavenger products effectively remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) from process systems to ensure personnel safety, equipment protection from corrosion and meet the specifications of the oil and gas industry.




•         Proprietary concentrated H2S Scavenger containing 80% organics

          (Formaldehyde free/Contaminant free)

•         Effectively removes H2S from either aqueous or hydrocarbon fluid systems

•         Formulations provide efficient sweetening of wet gas streams

•         Not adversely affected by CO2 unlike most scavengers on the market

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Hydrogen sulfide is found in more than 40% of all wells.  The amount of H2S appears to increase as the well grows older.  Proper treatment selection is predicated on identifying the type of corrosion and the contributory factors to formation of the H2S in the well such as CO2 levels, O2 levels, etc. Berryman Sulfacure H2S 80 Scavenger is the highest concentrate on the market today and helps to remove this H2S problem in the most economical way.


Sulfacure H2S 80 is an 80% active solution used to reduce hydrogen sulfide. This product maintains a high reactivity over time and is suitable for a range of pH levels.