Other Applications

Other Applications

Pipeline Cleaning Chemicals

Our Pipeline Cleaning Chemicals ensure proper cleaning of the pipeline internals (during in-situ pipeline cleaning), ensuring increased Pipeline Life, reduction in Pipeline Maintenance, savings on Corrosion Inhibitors costs, helps in Product( transported) Purity and reduced friction which increases Pipeline Flow Efficiency whilst directly impacting the energy costs.

Waste Water Treatment Chemicals

Waste Water Treatment chemicals are used for purifying industrial waste water and production waste water to make it reusable in different applications including Oil Fields, Refineries and Petrochemical sectors. We make these specially formulated chemicals to meet the different challenges faced by the waste water treatment plants/units so that the output quality of water meets the required level of industry quality standards. Our various products are Deoiling Polyelectrolytes (DOPE), Organic Coagulants capable of reducing formation of sludge substantially, Flocculants/Settling Aids, Filtration Aids for belt press, and other filters and Dewatering aids for centrifuge and decanters.

Hydro Testing Chemicals

Based on the type of applications, we have different types of specially formulated Hydro Testing chemicals which are a combination of Corrosion Inhibitors with Biocides and Oxygen Scavengers. These chemicals are required during the Hydro Testing stage of the pipeline and installation wherein sweet or sea water is utilized. Our typical Hydro Testing chemical combinations include – Film Forming Water Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors, Biocides, Scale Inhibitors and Oxygen Scavengers.

Scale and Paraffin Squeeze Chemical Programs

Paraffins and Asphaltenes are commonly-occurring components of crude oils, which often seriously interfere with production constraints/limitations and in some cases resulting to total shutdown. Asphaltenes are large aromatic agglomerates composed primarily of heterocyclic rings. Held in solution in crude oil by naturally occurring petroleum resins that adhere to the outer surface of the asphaltene agglomerate, they precipitate and get deposited in the production system in locations where pressure drops allow the resins to allow the precipitations. On the other hand, paraffins are saturated hydrocarbon waxes that gets precipitated and deposited in areas where the production system’s temperature falls below the solubility temperature of the paraffin. Like Asphaltenes, paraffins can also block a production system and results in complete shutdown of the system.

In areas or locations where paraffins and/or Asphaltenes have already deposited in a system, remedial treatment is necessary for their removal. We have specially formulated paraffin and asphaltene dispersants which when combined with solvents and applied in systems can remove these deposits and restore the production rate. In a squeeze chemical programs, these chemicals along with solvents (for details, please contact our local representatives) are applied in batches to remove paraffin and asphaltene deposits and disperse it in the oil to restore the normal throughput of the system.