Across the Industries

Water Treatment across the Industries

Our product range of water treatment chemicals are:

Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals

Our products for Cooling Water Treatment has the tremendous potential with respect to performance and cost that can help the users to drastically improve the energy efficiency as well as system longevity and there by impacting the profitability of the plant. Our chemical programs include Corrosion Inhibitors, Scale Inhibitors (Phosphates, Phosphocarbonates, Organic acids and Polymer based Scale Inhibitors), Biocides (Oxidizing biocides, Bromine, Non Oxidizing Biocides etc)

Boiler Water Treatment

We have specially formulated boiler chemicals that can increase the efficiency of the boilers. Our products include – Scale Inhibitors and PH Controller (phosphate based and non phosphate based products), Oxygen Scavengers etc.

Waste Water Treatment Chemicals

We have a wide range chemical applications with respect to clarification, foam control, metal precipitation, odor control, sludge dewatering, slop oil treatment etc.

Desalination Plant Chemicals

A desalination plant essentially separates saline water into two streams: one with a low concentration of dissolved salts (the fresh water stream) and the other containing the remaining dissolved salts (the concentrate or brine stream). The amount of the feed water discharged to waste in the brine stream varies from 20 to 70 percent of the feed flow, depending on the technology employed and the salt content of the feed water.

Desalination is becoming more economically viable as the technology improves.  Apart from the industrial usage, desalination plants can be provided in a wide range of outputs to cater for small isolated communities or substantial amount of water supplies for large cities and even for irrigation.

One of the widely used processes for desalination is reverse osmosis (RO). It is a membrane separation process in which the water from a pressurized saline solution is separated from the dissolved material by flowing through a membrane. The saline feed water is pumped into a closed vessel where it is pressurized to overcome the osmotic pressure of the solution before diffusing through the membrane. As a portion of the water passes through the membrane, the remaining feed water increases in salt content. This portion of this feed water is then discharged without passing through the membrane.

There are different types of water related problem that can arise in a desalination plant. Problem related to corrosion, fouling of membranes, bio fouling etc. We have got excellent chemical formulation called desalination chemicals.

Our Desalination chemicals include:

  • Corrosion inhibitor
  • Scale inhibitor
  • Various cleaning chemicals for R.O
  • Biocides

These products are specially designed to work in severe conditions like hard water, high TDS, chloride, micro biological growths etc.

Flocculation Aid/Deoilers

We have excellent deoiler products that have multi-functional properties like Sequestration, Dispersion, Scale Inhibition and Crystal Growth Distortion. These products can give very good results in cleaning up oily water from produced water. It can be used for Produced Water from Separators, Tanks, Inert Gas Floatation Units, Free Water Separators, etc. It is an efficient flocculating agent and increases the Floc Size of previously flocculated suspensions which helps in faster settling and there by improves the filtration rate.